Teachers Can Change Your Life Even After School

A cab rider encounters so many riders in a day. People from a different profession, different psychology, different characteristic. This is a story of a cab rider who used to…


Where There Used to Be Hope, Now is Nothing

There is always a taxi or cab hub where all the cab drivers used to spend their free time with each other. The same spot was once near a Café…


Life Has Closed the Door on Her: Driver Story

Life is always been full of surprises and lessons. There are many moments of our life that we can’t forget, they become part of us as memory. A cab driver…


Top 5 Movies about Cab Drivers

Once in a lifetime, we all have been in a cab or taxi. No wonder the distance is short or long some rides are good and comfy that we can’t…


App Based Cabs Service are being preferred over Taxis, Why?

Public Transport and taxis have been ruling the roads for a very long time. But from past two or three years app based cabs services are being preferred moreover. There…


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