Problem with Ride Sharing: Cleaning Expenses are in Major

No one likes to get late whether it is school, college, office or party. The best solution that people have found is a private cab/ ride and now they are…


Top 5 Places to Visit in London: Let’s Start the Ride

Are you planning to visit London, sooner or later? It is better to make a wishlist of places you want to visit. There is so many places those will make…


Teachers Can Change Your Life Even After School

A cab rider encounters so many riders in a day. People from a different profession, different psychology, different characteristic. This is a story of a cab rider who used to…


Where There Used to Be Hope, Now is Nothing

There is always a taxi or cab hub where all the cab drivers used to spend their free time with each other. The same spot was once near a Café…


Life Has Closed the Door on Her: Driver Story

Life is always been full of surprises and lessons. There are many moments of our life that we can’t forget, they become part of us as memory. A cab driver…


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