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There is always a taxi or cab hub where all the cab drivers used to spend their free time with each other. The same spot was once near a Café where few drivers used to gather for fun talk and sharing their experience of the day. A place that is chilled with their story and warm with their unity and friendship. That place is used to be like a church where they all confess their sins from that day and what they earned that day.

This was just like the same day. They were gathered there for our talk. As my luck is not that good as others he used to get fewer rides than others. Usually, he used to go to some other place if he is unable to get a ride from the previous place. But he doesn’t know why after getting a few rides he didn’t go anywhere from there. They all were just doing fun talk that they used to do.

These cheap cafes are best for low-lifers like them to talk for a while. This is like a daily routine thing. Whenever a ride comes at that time they used to play a game of even and odds to pick you will get the ride. But as he told you my luck do not works with me and it is used to be always me. Yes, he may be got a ride here but bad thing is that he used to miss the fun there.

That day one rider came and they played the same game and as usual he lost again. So he had to take that ride. He went with the rider to drop him to the drop point that was an hour away from that café. As he was returning from that ride, he was happy to imagine that fun, time and memory they were making there. He was just driving in his thought but suddenly something stopped him. He thought he got lost on track by mistake but it was not, he reached to the hub but there was no one.

Just some flame coming from the collapsed building of that café. Burning cabs of his friends and ashes in the air. His church of hope was burning, collapsed. A place where he used to confess there is nothing now there. He never talked about the incident, He just sobbed there with ashes in his hand.

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