A cab rider encounters so many riders in a day. People from a different profession, different psychology, different characteristic. This is a story of a cab rider who used to drop teacher and used to ask them one simple question, “all those boys and girls carrying their bags do well in school?” There were so many unsatisfactory answers to him until that day.

Same as usual he picked up a teacher and asked him the same question. He was not used to getting a reply to this question, normally other teachers used to avoid this question with a smile. But that was about to change him forever. This time what he got was a wise reply, “Do all people who go to the market shop? Do all people who wear a white jellaba pray? Do all Muslims pray and fast in Ramadan? Do all drivers respect the road regulations? Do all athletes win their races?”

This answer gave the cab driver a big laugh. Then the teacher explained to him that not all the students who go to the school do well with the study, get a degree and a decent govt. job. It is impossible that everyone gets that. Everyone is different and definition of “Doing Well” is different for everyone. In Jungle, you need all kind of animals, not all are lions, some are deer, some are rhinos and some are bugs. Everyone is important to make a balanced and complete cycle.

The teacher goes on with, “Similarly, not all students who attend schools will be doctors, engineers, teachers, nurses, pilots and politicians. Don’t we need farmers, mechanics, butchers, hairdressers, waiters, criminals, thieves, liars, waiters and waitresses?” Then taxi driver added, “Taxi drivers too?” and the teacher replied with, “Yes, and taxi drivers too. We need them. This is society, my friend. There is a room for everyone. Everyone is created for a mission and a role in his community. The problem is that we forget about our missions and roles and we want all the people to do the same role at the same time.”

The taxi driver stopped the card and said, “You are right, teacher, ‘not all animals that are born in a forest will be lions and lionesses. We need donkeys, monkeys, sheep, foxes, dogs, pigs, cows, chickens, and hedgehogs.”

“I swear, I will never ask that question again,” he told me.

As the teacher tries to pay him he told him that usually, he does not take money from policemen to avoid their rivalry and they can come handy in the problem but from now he will not take money from teachers too. The teacher thanked him for the ride and put the money on the seat.

We need all kind of people to be part of our society. No job is big or small, people need to understand that and treat everyone in a better way. We make society a better place and that better society make upcoming members far better. We rely on each other so let’s make a better word together.

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