Ride Sharing, Cab Sharing, Problem with Ride Sharing.

No one likes to get late whether it is school, college, office or party. The best solution that people have found is a private cab/ ride and now they are available in big number but the problem with these was that one person acquires the whole cab also the fair not that fair enough, it cost so much. So ride-hailing companies came with their solution to this problem. They called it ‘ride sharing’. So now one car can serve several people at one time but every positive have a negative side.

Cleaning the Cab is Expensive:

There one problem that came up was cleaning. When asked to a driver they said that cleaning a cab after the ride is a big headache. Not just for them but also for their wallet too. On an estimation, the average spend by a driver on cleaning expenses is around $200. Now if we look toward their ride, one ride on an average gives them $10-$15. Still, they have to do it to get a good feedback rating so they can make good money from the ride service.

In actuality, there are several hidden costs that need to be taken into account when calculating the bottom line. Hertz has recently reported huge losses because prices for used sedans are plummeting in a world where everyone wants an SUV.

Paying for places to park a fleet of cars in congested cities can cost big dollars.

Then there is insurance, property taxes, and all the other little niggling charges that can quickly eat into gross income. Depreciation is also a big factor.

This will put anyone in a condition to spend their $300 in a month and that is the one big issue that while you are making $10 per ride and you spending so much on other things of your car. Also, you have to be in a busy schedule as all your passengers are going in a different direction.

Navhoo is Your Solution:

But this all changes when coming to Navhoo Ride. We focus on better services and think of our customer first. We make sure that our rides do not experience the presence of another person even after that person is off the cab. It will always feel you like a fresh car. Because the atmosphere around you can affect your mood and we want to see you smiling, while getting in, during and out of the ride. Just give it a shot and you will not be disappointed.