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Public Transport and taxis have been ruling the roads for a very long time. But from past two or three years app based cabs services are being preferred moreover. There are been many reports and different analysis those proved that 80 percent of commuters are now preferring cabs. But what happened in in these years that preferences of commuter have changed this much.

Reports About Cabs

Following the trails by the report that was done over thousands of commuters showed that 47% of the commuters who prefer cabs thing these are cheaper than other modes of transport. One thing that is found troublesome is surge-pricing of these App based services. Why? Simple these cabs surge time have no bound it to get applied any time that increases the fare.


Another thing that caused people to move from other transport services is their quality. Riding in App based cabs are controlled and maintained by the private firm. If anyhow quality goes down it will reduce their customer list. Cabs are equipped with AC and music system these are the thing that you can control while you are riding. That usually not happen in public transport. Even you can plug your phone into the system and play songs of your like or turn off the system if you prefer calm.

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Payment is another headache in public transport. Normally transporter prefers paper money or cash. That means you have to carry changes and cash every time with you. But with these app-based services payment is done directly via you card or digital wallet this makes the ride more convenient. You just have to ride and everything will be taken care of by the app.


Also, apps keep the tally of your all the rides so by chance if you forgot anything in the cab just contact them through the app and you will get your things back. Safety is another reason on this list. Cabs have created the profile for both rider and driver. So whenever you start your ride you know who you are riding with. Driver’s previous ratings can be seen to let you know how good the driver is.

SOS is a new feature that let you call the emergency services whenever you fill that something is wrong and nearby emergency responder will report to you quickly. You can also share details of the ride and ETA with your trusted one through the app. So no need to screenshot details or type them just click the share button.

These are some of those reasons why people are now preferring app based cabs over taxis. It is just our thoughts. Ask other riders or share your experience with us. Contact us.

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